Big Data

For Better Hearts


Case studies

In addition to the seven work packages, the BigData@Heart project designed 6 case studies that each combined elements of several work packages into a single case to provide initial validation based on real-world evidence of the new insights, models, etc, that were designed and developed in the WPs: 

  • Case study 1 - Comparison of real world heart failure patients to heart failure trial patients to guide future trials;
  • Case study 2 - Deliver clinical relevant definition of heart failure subphenotypes and outcomes using -OMICS and EHR data resources;
  • Case study 3 - To compare clinical outcomes derived from public registries with formally adjudicated endpoints;
  • Case study 4 - Compare heart failure epidemiology across European Union countries;
  • Case study 5 - Identify noval druggable targets using proteomics and genomics in iron depletion;
  • Case study 6 - Investigate how data from wearables/Apps can be used as premarket and postmarket evidence.