Big Data

For Better Hearts


Setting in better practices in using structured electronic healthcare records in clinical research, the Code-EHR approach

11 January 2023, 11.30-12.30 CET

Big data is at the heart of recent advancements in international clinical science that aim to better the lives of patients. The routine use of structured electronic healthcare records made possible by technological advancements has the potential to close significant clinical evidence gaps.

In observational and randomised clinical research that uses EHRs and other structured data, the source of data, its manipulation, and data governance are of crucial importance to extrapolating results.

In this webinar, IMI Project BigData@Heart researchers will aim to explain opportunities and limitations of using structured health-care data in research and present the case-uses of the Code-EHR a framework for a broad audience of global stakeholders across all disease areas.

Prof. dr. F.W. (Folkert) Asselbergs (
Professor of Precision medicine, Institute of Health Informatics and the institute of Cardiovasculair Science, University College London
Consultant cardiologist and Professor of Precision Medicine at University Medical Center Utrecht, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands



Prof. Dipak Kotecha (
Professor of Cardiology and Cardiac Imaging at the University of Birmingham, Birmingham
Consultant cardiologist specialising in cardiac imaging



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