Big Data

For Better Hearts


Results of the BigData@Heart sustainability workshop

BigData@Heart has shown to have significant valuable outcome for the field. It has provided proof of principle for the use of real-world evidence in cardiovascular diseases studies and has set up a preliminary infrastructure. To move towards proof of concept and a widespread shift towards applying real-world evidence in the field, the infrastructure needs to be sustained. Sustainability through commercialisation is essential to build on the investment made by the EU and the partners in the project and to ensure that the science developed can be continued in support of meeting the needs of the future. The overall aim is to create an independent platform that has the legacy of BD@H including data access, infrastructure, network and expertise. 

During the sustainability workshop on 4 October 2021, several scenarios for sustainability were discussed. The workshop concluded with the formulation of a roadmap of propositions with increasing complexity and impact over time (RWE4CDV). As a next step the business case, governance model and roadmap towards the RWE4CDV platform will be assessed and described in more detail. Also, it will be investigated what case studies can be performed as part of the BigData@Heart to substantiate this proposition.

Published on: 11/05/2021