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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 

BigData@Heart at BioDataWorld 2019


Hear from BigData@Hear speakers our latest achievements at the BioDataWorld Congress2019 on 4-5 December 2019 in Basel, Switzerland! 



Wed 04 Dec - Roundtable nr. 26: 
The pro’s and con’s of the different IMI projects approaches. IT and high-tech aspects.
Gaining insights into the technical approaches to working with Real World Data at scale:

  • Central vs. Federated
  • Working to promote FAIR principles 
  • Open source architectures and tool development
    - with Fabrice COUVELARD(Servier)

Thu 05 Dec - Roundtable nr. 25: 
The need for data communities in Europe, and why should you care?
Rationale: Looking ahead to an integrated European research meeting the need for RWD in a global environment 
- with Kiliana SUZART-WOISCHNIK(Bayer)

Thu 05 Dec - IMI Showcase:
Connecting the dots to benefit patients: This is how we do it, but we need you too!
- with Ghislaine VAN THIEL(UMC Utrecht)

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Published on: 10/08/2019