Big Data

For Better Hearts


BigData@Heart: Big Data for Better Hearts

13 September, 2017 - 14:00 - 15:00 CEST

This webinar will introduce and outline the objective of the BigData@Heart project: develop a data-driven translational research platform of unparalleled scale and phenotypical resolution, with the aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce societal burden of atrial fibrillation (AF), heart failure (HF) and acute coronary syndrome (ACS).






Gunnar Brobert
Director of Epidemiology
Bayer AG 

Duane Schulthess
Managing Director
Vital Transformation (moderator) 

Rick Grobbee
Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
University Medical Center Utrecht 

Maureen Cronin
Vifor Pharma 

Folkert Asselbergs
Consultant Cardiologist, Professor of Cardiovascular Genetics
University Medical Center Utrecht
Scientific Coordinator of BigData@Heart

Panos Vardas
ESC Past President,
Chief Strategy Officer,
European Heart Agency (Brussels)